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Welcome to Elite Forces of Darrowmere. We are an adult friendly casual guild with a slight PvP twist. Our focus is on people more than toons. We work hard to maintain an enjoyable drama free helpful positive environment before, during, and after the raid. We also understand not everyone has the same desires, and abilities within the game and work to accomodate as many as we can for the enjoyment of all. This is a quality over quantity guild where most of the members feel at home enough that they keep their alts in guild, while inviting friends and family as well. Please read the simple rules. Then join us in game and/or in ventrilo to get the most out of your $15 too.

The rules are common sense and common courtesy driven and follow below;

1 No begging for gold, items, carries, etc. in guild or general chats.This doesnt mean you can never ask a guildie or someone for something but begging is frowned upon.

2 This is  a WoW guild not a dating site. Treat it accordingly.

3 Do not leave your corpse on the ground during PvP etc. It is too easy to res and log.

4 If you have an issue with another guild member attempt to settle it in tells first then bring it to an officers attention if needed but do not use guild chat or general to solve your issue.

5 If you intend to be able to raid, you will be signed up for it, logged in and ready to go atleast 15minutes prior to start time with your potions, foods, etc. and repaired included. Failure to follow this may result in missing a future raid.

6 Your actions reflect on the entire guild as ours do on you. Do not embarrass the guild by acting like an asshat in general etc. please.

7 Guildbank priviledges are at the discretion of the Officers and can be revoked if you are using it for your out of guild alts or abusing it to generate gold for yourself. Please dont put useless grey items etc in it either they clog up slots and require someone to clean them out.

8 Ventrilo is not an option if you intend to raid with the guild and noone will make veteran or above without the use of ventrilo.

9 If you plan on not playing for more than 1 month please let an Officer know so your toon/s can be marked accordingly so as to avoid accidental removal. Failure to log in for more than 2 months is cause for removal unless reason is communicated.

10 Guild Repairs are at the discretion of the Officers.

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check the new digs out

Dogsmage, Mar 13, 11 4:03 AM.
We have moved formally into our new house here on guild portal, make sure to get registered.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dogsmage, Mar 12, 11 11:52 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Darrowmere (PvE)
Elite Forces is currently under open recruitment leave a message or hit up an Officer in game.
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